Nuclear Meltdown is about family

This newsletter and blog grew out of my experiences trying to raise a family. Along the way, I became curious where our modern idea of family even comes from in the first place. It also occurred to me that the relentless emphasis on the nuclear family might be eliminating a lot of valuable support people could get from extended family members.

The name, Nuclear Meltdown, comes from my growing sense that the ideal nuclear family concept just isn’t serving us as well as we’d like. And my hope is that something closer to a more integrated intergenerational family might be a useful alternative.

This blog will be a lot of things. Part history, part personal essay, part economics, etc.

By way of background, I’ve been a journalist for about a decade. I started my career as a local reporter in Provo, Utah, before going on to work for the Salt Lake Tribune and BuzzFeed News. For the last couple of years, I’ve covered housing and real estate for Inman. I write this blog in my free time (views are my own etc etc etc) so bear with me if the posts don’t always go up on schedule.

Anyway, please subscribe and join me on this journey as I try to better understand families.